杨霖演讲实录∣从模块化架构到跨链生态,NULS这一年下了一盘怎么样的棋9月11日,NULS韩国大型交流会在首尔CONRAD酒店隆重举行,NULS核心团队CEO Liesa Huang、NULS核心代码贡献者杨霖、NULS社区运营负责人冉小波、NULS韩国地区代表Isaac Kim,以及NULS韩国顾问Andy Chae出席了会议。此次交流会由韩国电视台KBS知名主持人Kim Ji Hyo主持,会议内容包括了主题为【“造链专家”——NULS的跨链与价值流通解决方案】的分享,以及HENA、JYA、VICS和PRISM等计划搭建在NULS生态上的项目的介绍。此外,NULS生态项目Superlinks也派代表出席了本次会议。


NULS Core Developer Yang Lin’s speech at NULS Korea Conference on Sept 11th.


Hello everyone. I am Yang Lin, the core developer of NULS. I am very glad to have the opportunity to share some of the technical ideas of NULS. The topic that I want to share today is  “chain-building expert: NULS’s solution for cross-chain and value circulation”.


NULS is a global open-source project established in September, 2017. The main-net was officially launched in July, 2018. NULS has already been listed on more than 20 exchanges and will also be listed on a Korean Exchange this year. At the present, NULS also has a number of partners, including HERA, JYA, and VICS who are jointly sponsoring with us today. We are building a global operating system. The core team has had 50 members in five different countries, and there are more than 25 programmers in it.


Let’s start to talk about NULS, the chain-building expert. Speaking of chain building, let’s first analyze our current situation. In the past year or so, more than 30 companies and individuals reached us and asked if we can develop a blockchain of their own. We refused almost all of them, because we clearly understand that the growth of demand for the blockchain will usher in explosive growth, and we strive to solve the needs of more people. To have its own blockchain, the current enterprise has to form a technical team to develop or redevelop a blockchain underlying system, or seek a professional blockchain team for technology outsourcing. Undoubtedly, it will face difficulties in hiring blockchain talents, high cost, long cycle, and the underlying vulnerability of the development, which leads to huge risks. The solution proposed by our NULS team is that the base layer is directly developed by the professional blockchain company, and the enterprise focuses on developing the business logic of its own application layer. The enterprise certainly has its own technical team, and it doesn’t need to pay close attention to the implementation logic of the base-layer blockchain but fully contributes to the innovation of the upper layer of the blockchain application.


I believe that with the gradual maturity and subdivision of the blockchain industry, we will enter the vertical division of labor in the blockchain field. What is the vertical division of labor in blockchain? Let’s review how the original software and Internet products were developed. In the ASP era, a programmer undertook all the roles of database design, website back-end development, web front-end development, etc. Later in the vertical division of labor in the Internet, DBA, back-end developer, front-end developer, tester, product manager, UI designer and other positions are generated. Similarly, when entering the era of vertical division of labor in the blockchain, it will generate the base-level professional positions in areas such encryption algorithms, consensus algorithms, distributed storage, and P2P networks. Above the base-level blockchain, there will be professional positions in the application layer such as blockchain product manager and DAPP business developer. The modular architecture of NULS will push the blockchain industry into the era of vertical division of labor in advance.


According to many, perhaps the most impressive thing about NULS is the modular architecture. Indeed, modules are the most fundamental part of the entire NULS ecology. Our goal is to create a blockchain module repository that covers 80% of technologies in the blockchain field, making it easy for developers  to develop more innovative features. The NULS team is currently building a new NULS architecture that will allow NULS modules to run independently, with low-coupling among modules interacting with defined standard interfaces. Developers will no longer be limited by the programming language used by the blockchain system itself. Any developer who follows the standards of NULS modules can develop his/her own functional module by using language he/she is most familiar with, which will provide more basic modules and business modules for NULS module repository.


Based on the module repository, NULS will launch the flagship product of “Chain Factory” this year. If the developer fully understands the parameters of the chain he is developing, such as the consensus mechanism and the total amount of tokens, we hope by these four steps such developer with little knowledge of base-layer blockchain can have his own public chain in a few minutes (of course, it is possible to develop a consortium chain or a private chain). The first step is to select the modules needed; the second step is to configure the system parameters; the third step is to download the complete operation package of the system; the fourth step is to deploy the system. Developers only need to select the modules they need in the module repository and build the initial blockchain after parameter configuration. We will also provide services to operate initial node for the developers, which will greatly shorten the current development life cycle on public chain for half a year to one year.





Also, the chain developed by the Chain Factory is quite customized. You can choose your own encryption algorithm, consensus module, storage method, etc. We also encourage technical community and partners to contribute more basic modules and industry-standard business modules to the module repository, thus greatly reducing the waste of resources in the industry. Chains developed by the Chain Factory is based on the NULS main chain. All the iterative updates of the NULS network are synchronized by the Chain Factory, so that the chain’s asset security and system security risks are greatly reduced.


When building a blockchain using Chain Factory, each chain can choose a cross-chain module. As long as they are registered in the satellite-chain of NULS, all the chains can execute asset exchange and circulation activities with any chain deploying cross-chain module under the NULS ecology, thus forming a powerful ecological relationship with strong asset circulation.




The core of the NULS cross-chain solution lies in the satellite-chain. As the name implies, the satellite is a relay for communication connection signals. The satellite-chain acts a similar role, connecting various chains and bridges for value exchange; chains built by the NULS Chain Factory can be connected to the satellite-chain using the cross-chain module, and the value flows in any chain; at the same time, NULS will also interact with Bitcoin, BCH and Ethereum using cross-chain protocol converters to technologically make the NULS ecology form an open ecological foundation.

从2017年9月提出的模块化构架,到今天和大家分享的跨链价值流通生态的想法,NULS这一年来始终始终坚持初心,不管这个行业如何嘈杂,始终坚持探索一条帮助更多人最简单使用区块链的道路。正是小伙伴一直在突破各个难点,才有了从模块到模块仓库,从模块仓库到链工厂这样的产品推进。正是我们一直坚持生态的开放性,所以才会有跨链价值流通生态的解决方案。虽然我是一名开发,但是我一直认为区块链就是一个价值主导的世界。你坚持的是什么,你的技术解决方案都会透露出你的坚持。我从2016年开始就选择在区块链这样行业深耕,因为我相信世界需要区块链,我们核心团队的小伙伴也都坚信一个和区块链高度结合的世界是一个更美好的世界,如果我们所做的能让世界更了解区块链,我觉得我们所有通宵熬夜写的代码都是值得的。非常感谢大家,感谢Isaac组织了这么好的大会。感谢HENA JYA VICS PRISM SUPERLINKS选择在NULS上搭建自己的区块链项目。我为自己是NULS的一员感到骄傲。

From the modular architecture proposed in September 2017 to the idea of cross-chain value circulation ecology that I shared with you today, NULS has always insisted on its original vision. No matter how dissonant the industry has become, NULS always sticks to a path that helps more people use blockchain in the easiest way. The team members have been breaking through the difficulties, and have made the progress from single module to module repository, and from module repository to Chain Factory. We have always adhered to the openness of the ecology, so we have proposed a solution for the cross-chain value circulation ecology. Although I am a developer, I always think that the blockchain is a world led by the value. Your technical solution will reveal what you insist on. I have chosen to work in the blockchain industry since 2016, because I believe the world needs blockchain. Our core team members are also convinced that a world that is highly integrated with the blockchain will be a better world. If what we do makes the world understand the blockchain a little more, I think all our efforts to work overnight are worthwhile. Thank you very much. Thank you, Isaac, for organizing such a wonderful conference. Thank HINA, JYA, VICS, PRISM and SUPERLINKS for choosing to build your own blockchain project on NULS. I am proud of being a member of NULS.





杨霖演讲实录∣从模块化架构到跨链生态,NULS这一年下了一盘怎么样的棋Q1:为什么NULS要全力做好链工厂?Why does NULS want to develop Chain Factory with all its strength?


Yang: We need to go back to NULS’s initial vision, which is to make blockchain simpler. In order to achieve this vision, NULS has came up with the concepts of modularization and multi-chain mechanism. Modularization solves the problems of requirements while multi-chain mechanism focuses on things more pratical. More precisely, modular design enriches the functions and application scenarios of decentralization, allowing people with demands to access mature base-level blockchain technology and utilize it directly instead of developing from scratch. Multi-chain mechanism solves the problem of blockchain’s low degree of commercialization. Using multi-chain to disassemble applications to multiple independently operating chains or even dissect business scenerios in one application to chains which operate independently, the blockchain technology is finally able to commercialize. Based on these two core concepts, further requirements emerge. We build a module repository with modules that have different functions, but we still need to make our product easy and convenient for users. Also, there will be interactions among multiple chains, thus creating the demand for cross-chain protocols. In all, NULS needs to develop Chain Factory in its full strength. This is because we stick to our initial vision to make blockchain simpler. We want blockchain to become part of  people’s daily life. It has been our goal this whole time and I have faith in it. Every day, we work hard toward that direction.



What are the most special features of NULS cross-chain solution?





Yang: NULS cross-chain solution includes two levels of contents: one is cross-chain within the NULS ecosystem, the other is cross-chain between the NULS ecosystem and the external environment.

Let’s analyse based on that. About the first one: once NULS has defined cross-chain protocols, all blockchains in the NULS ecosystem are naturally “connected” through the protocols. A new blockchain created by NULS Chain Factory no longer needs to work on technical details. By simply choosing the cross-chain module, it is able to make connections with other chains. Besides, business interaction protocol is also included in the NULS cross-chain protocols. When developing an application, this design makes it possible to dissect huge apps from the architecture to small business operations and have multiple chains operate on them respectively.

The second level: cross-chain between NULS ecosystem and the external environment. We have been communicating and collaborating with BCH and other projects with the cross-chain technology. We hope that by setting up successful cross-chain use cases, the blockchain industry standards in cross-chain can be defined. Possibly, the NULS cross-chain solution in the ecosystem will reversely push the industry to establish a cross-chain standard.

At last, technologically NULS cross-chain solution is in accordance with the standard industry practice to use cryptography to secure the assets safety. Every cross-chain transaction is recorded by the satellite-chain so that the assets are secure even if the object-chain turns out to be mischievous.









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